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Iím Dr. John Hong, an internal medicine doctor in Cape May, NJ. (Yes, beaches and blue skies!) Medical information, Health information, Blogs, Videos...VOILA! It's all here! I really practice medicine full time as well as blog, write about health for newspapers, and appear on TV . This is my forum for plain talk about real medicine, in a fun, hip, non-threatening manner. Do take a look!

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June 1, 2014: Bell's Palsy is a strange, acute neurological illness that makes either the right or left side of the face to become weakened or paralyzed. Recovery can be very tough for some. Bell's Palsy can occur in 13-34 people every year per 100,000 (the size of Cape May County). Learn more about it.

April 22, 2014: 2 videos for you! I made my debut on prime time network news with Nancy Grace a couple of weeks ago. I joined her show again tonight. The first video pertains to anabolic steroids and to a Facebook video of a child beating. The 2nd video is about dog bites in children.

March 30, 2014: Norovirus! I hate vomiting! And I definitely don't want to get sick on a cruise, and I go on cruises almost every year. Norovirus is pretty well known cause of gastroenteritis (infection of the gut to cause vomiting and diarrhea) because of the news... coverage on this virus. Cruise ships that have been on the news for Norovirus this year include: Holland America’s Veendam (CNN 2/23/14) – which is a bummer because we cruise on HAL all the time – Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas (CNN 1/31/14) and Princess’ Caribbean Princess (CNN 1/31/14)

March 16, 2014: Cancer. Scary disease - so scary many people can only call it, "The Big C." I have learned quite a few people don't really know what cancer is, so let's talk about it in, "What's That, Dr. Hong?"

March 9, 2014: Mumps! I have never seen anyone with the mumps before - the disease that can cause the cheeks to swell badly (and worse cases can cause the testicles to swell, cause deafness, or meningitis). I've started a new video blog, "What's That, Dr. Hong?" Yes, I need a jingle and some other things, but all in good time.

Dog Attacks Girl and Mother fights back | Nancy Grace

On Nancy Grace, I discuss dog bites in little children. Unfortunately Mackenzie Camp was attacked and injured by a dog, and her mother saves her. I am a dog lover (Miss Moo Moo – our baby – would agree because I live for Miss Moo Moo!) so I am surprised Mackenzie’s mother received hate letters for defending her daughter.

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